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At Direct Beat Systems we pride ourselves on ensuring we deliver the latest technology at realistic prices. Part of this quest to deliver new products is ensuring we meet the needs and expectations of our customers. To ensure we are delivering quality products, we need people to test our products and provide us with an honest review of the product. In an attempt to fast track this process we have introduced the dBs Review Crew. We are looking for people who love new technology and are willing to provide an honest review about them.

As part of the selected Review Crew, we will send you offers to purchase new products from Amazon for only $1. These products are yours to keep, irrespective of the review.

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  • Be honest about your review

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Review Crew

Hey there. This is definitely one great set of bluetooth headphones by Direct Beat Systems (dBs). The sound is exception, they are comfortable to wear, super easy to connect, and extremely lightweight! After about a week of testing them out, I’m ready to give you some thoughts.

First off, An instruction manual is not included. Hmmmm… Well, I guess we don’t need one, right? I mean how hard can be to figure out a pair of headphones. lol The dBs headphones are definitely light weight and light weight is not an understatement here. The dBs Live Bluetooth Headset is extremely light. Only 7 ounces or so. A far cry from some of the other over the ear headsets that I’ve had my hands on. Also, they feel very soft. Even though I believe the headset is made out of plastic, there is a soft feel to them. They feel as if an extremely soft and invisible velvet coating is around the plastic. I thought that was pretty cool. After slipping them on, I noticed that there (read more…)

I wavered between 3 and 4 stars for these dBs Bluetooth over ear headphones. First impression is that they are lightweight and fold nicely into most cases meant for foldable headphones, like the case made by Sentey. Bluetooth pairing works smoothly, and I am able to get pretty great range with these. Leaving my iPhone on the living room couch, I was able to walk around the house, into the bathroom, and even into a back bedroom without any drop in connection. That’s pretty cool. The sound is good, not earth shattering, but for $49 I didn’t really expect to be completely blown away. They sound a little better and louder when connected with the included 3.5mm headphone cord. Now for the bad. These headphones, as others have commented, are really on the small side. I have a pretty large dome and also wear hats a lot of the time. I have to stretch these dBs headphones to the limit to have them even fit on my head. This might end up being a deal breaker. Also when paired in Bluetooth mode, there’s a quite bright blinking blue LED light that while looks neat, (read more…)

The dBs Move | Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are awesome Sport Headphones

By Know My Stuff on October 3, 2015


The dBs Move | Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are awesome Sport Headphones! They are very light weight they are small and compact wireless stereo headset. They connect to any android or iOs device and you will be amazed at the sound you will hear! They have a rubber earpiece that fits snuggly and comfortably into your ear providing a soundproof environment and reduces background noise. Great for sports enthusiast because there is no cord in the way. Included are interchangeable rubber earpieces sized to stay in place during any sports activity. They connect easily to any Bluetooth device. You pair it to your device and the headphones automatically connect and confirm the device is recognised. There is a button that controls the volume for music or calls, switch to play music, select songs or answer calls. They look great and you can choose between green & black even though the picture looks more yellow they are a bright green or black & red. The stylish look and comfortable feel of this wireless stereo headset is remarkably sporty while extremely compact.

dBs Move is really comfortable!

By wake1080 on October 12, 2015


These work fine. No pairing/use instructions included, so you’ll have to figure out (to pair – hold power button until it blinks blue/red) or go online for instructions. Buttons were self explanatory as I’ve used multiple Bluetooth headsets in the past. I prefer to have separate volume and previous/next track buttons, this uses the same button and you long press to increase/decrease volume. Syncing with this device was easy. I wish it had the feature of being able to press the phone icon and it opening Google voice search on my Galaxy S6 (others have this feature). These headphones will dial the last number when phone button held. Sound quality was fine, didn’t seem to be much better or worse than other headphones I’ve used in this same price range. Volume gets plenty loud.

The headphones sat comfortably in my ear. These headphones are comfortable to wear whether laying down, sitting – back against a pillow, or standing up doing something. This was important to me as I do listen to music laying down and sitting sometimes (read more…)